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Why you should hire a Private Eye

There are number of reasons people will

hire a Private Investigator

. For example to

locate a loved one, friend, x-spouse, natural parent(s)

, or someone who owes them money, conduct an investigation to obtain evidence of adultery etc.

But the question remains as to

Why do you need a Private Investigator?

  You say that you can do most of the above yourself, so why pay a PI.  The answer is pretty simple, because you need a Professional Private Investigator who is qualified, educated, intelligent and experienced, to properly gather the evidence that is necessary to prove your case in court. 

Professional PI knows the law and will work your case as if it is going to court with no short cuts

.  To do anything less would cost you more time, money and if the case goes bad the majority of the time there is no opportunity to redo, you can't push Ctrl-Alt-Delete and start over.  Once evidence is contaminated it is of no use to you.  A PI will save you a lot of anguish by doing it right the first time. Additionally, a private eye can testify in court as needed following the completion of a thorough investigation. This is important for individuals and companies in a variety of types of lawsuits including criminal, domestic, civil, and worker’s compensation lawsuits.

Private investigator has most likely spent thousands of Euros / Dollars in accumulating the necessary equipment that will assist them in obtaining the evidence that will assist in proving your case and they know the easiest way to attain and preserve that evidence.
When you hire a private eye, you will see that
private investigators are trained to think
in certain ways and are able to perform tasks that untrained professionals are not. Therefore, a private detective can look at the same information as another and draw an important conclusion, which may lead to finding additional facts and information.

Private investigators have access to tools that you would otherwise not be able to use, which can help make any investigation more thorough. For example, private eyes have access to specialized databases that are not open to the public. Therefore, when you hire a private eye, you are able to increase the amount of information that you can gather.
Collecting evidences
Because experienced private investigators know exactly where to look to find relevant information during any investigation, when you hire a private eye, you will benefit from accurate results as well as time and money savings.

Private investigators are trained to perform surveillance and conduct research. Therefore, a private eye will be better able to arrive at the truth by utilizing the latest investigative techniques and methods learned from their education and experience.
Court, Law, Justice
You may very well know or think you know what you want and what you need, however after speaking with a PI he/she will advise you as to exactly what you need and the best least expensive method of getting it accomplished.

Why do you need a Professional Private Investigator?  You should be convinced by now that hiring a Professional PI would be in your best interest.  Remember he/she is a professional and they are interested in serving you with the best possible investigative service available.

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