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Investigation  Services
Investigation  Services
Undercover Operations

Undercover operations amount to another form of surveillance, but in this method the Private Investigator plays an active role in revealing criminal activities.

For example, an undercover gang investigator might begin infiltrating the group by adopting the same hobbies or jobs as the suspects.
To gain acceptance within the gang and build trust, the Private Investigator must also create a plausible cover story that explains his presence in the neighborhood.

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Our Services:
Undercover Employee Surveillance Operations

Are you tired of being ripped off by theft, drug abuse,

misuse of company’s time and property

, poor attitude and trouble makers?

If so,

undercover investigations

are without a doubt one of the best forms of
internal investigations
. It is not only efficient, but cost effective.

Just as any other employee, the
undercover operative
goes to work, is paid in the same manner, treated the same and works side by side with your employees. Social contacts are established, such as going to parties, bars, bowling leagues, etc. When the fellow employees accept the undercover operative as one of their peers, they confide in him.
There is also a positive result that comes out of the undercover reports such as honest, hardworking and loyal employees.

In the vast majority of cases the undercover operative is never known or exposed even at the conclusion of the investigation.

Employee theft, drugs

in the work place, stalking, litigation can not only hurt your company, they can put you out of business! Kevin’s Investigation Service is here to help.

When you need real evidence, contact Kevin’s Investigation Services. We provide a covert

undercover operation with high-tech surveillance equipment

or a complex undercover sting operation that will hold up in court.

We customize each case so you only get the services you need, whether it’s a sting operation, a buy, hidden camera surveillance or a traditional surveillance, we can help.
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Contact us today to discuss what we can do to eliminate your problem.