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Investigation  Services
Investigation  Services
Covert Surveillance: Private Investigator Surveillance in the UK, Canada and Hungary

At Kevin’s Investigation Services, our private investigators have experience performing

covert surveillance

for a variety of types of clients and situations. With our covert surveillance services, our private investigator(s) can

collect video, photographic, and visual evidence

and provide detailed reports for any covert

surveillance operation


This evidence will provide you with the answers and proof that you need. Our surveillance records and video footage can be used as evidence in domestic, civil, or criminal hearings and litigation.

Our experienced private investigators will provide you with the hard evidence and proof that you would expect from any covert surveillance operation.

When You Need Our Private Investigators for Covert Surveillance
Our UK, Canadian and Hungarian private investigators have experience providing covert surveillance for a variety of types of situations.

This includes:
Back Street
Private Investigator
PI Head
Foot Print
Divorce Surveillance:

If you suspect that your

spouse is cheating

during your divorce, a private investigator can conduct covert surveillance in order to catch your cheating spouse. The records and hard evidence that we obtain through covert investigation services can be used when negotiating your divorce settlement, child custody, child support, alimony, and property settlement.
Child Custody and Visitation Surveillance:

We can perform a variety of types of covert surveillance operations that are related to

child custody

and visitation issues. This includes offering surveillance services during which our private investigator secretly surveys a parent and child while the child is in that parents’ custody. Our private investigator will document what happens while the child is with the parent, where the parent takes the child, and a variety of other information. The records that our private investigators obtain during covert surveillance can be used as evidence in child custody hearings and litigation.

Internal Theft / Business Surveillance:
Internal theft
and employee fraud can be harmful to any business. Whether you suspect employees of stealing money or company assets, our private investigators can set up covert surveillance operations to help you catch employees in the act, locate stolen assets, and prevent future theft from your business.

Criminal & Civil Surveillance:
Our private investigators can perform a variety of criminal and civil surveillance services for attorneys in the UK , Canada and Hungary. From performing covert surveillance to catch someone in a lie to discovering evidence that incriminates an individual, our covert surveillance services can help build and collect evidence for any

civil lawsuit or criminal litigation


Elder Abuse Surveillance:

Elder abuse is the neglect or intentional harm of an elderly patient by a caregiver. This can be hard to identify as abuse is most often seen by the most vulnerable patients. Our private investigators can set up covert surveillance to investigate suspected elder abuse in nursing homes and home care situations.
Sexual harassment, Bullying in the workplace, Allegations of inappropriate behaviour, Discrimination or Harassment Surveillance:
These are the allegations that make people cringe.  They are the food of the glossy magazines and soap opera's that are 'reality' tv, the beat ups that convict before a trial.

Want to know the type of neighborhood before purchasing your new home?
You just bought the cutest house in the quietest neighborhood - or so you thought. While it may not be possible to know everything there is to know about your neighborhood before you move in, a thorough investigation will help ensure you are moving into the right environment. Our report may include the followings: Crime rates,

Sex Offenders

in the area, Noise and traffic, Schools, Public services.

Nanny surveillance:
Identify potential problems before your child make the headlines.
We use Miniature Video Equipment in unattended installations to capture activity, when or where it is not practical for Live Surveillance. This type of surveillance is great for remote monitoring of day-care providers, nannies, and baby-sitters.

Integrity, Confidentiality, Professionalism, Reliability
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