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Investigation  Services
Investigation  Services
Seeking Compensation from Your Employer

Are you the victim of

unfair treatment by your employer

? Have you

discriminated at your workplace


If you think that even a discussion with your employer did not help you to solve the problem, you can
always seek help from Kevin’s Investigation Services to collect evidences against your employer to
prove and establish your legitimate claim.
The main function of hiring a Private Investigator is to

collect evidences against your


that supports your case and prepare your possible claim when you have been
unfairly treated on grounds that are not justified clearly. It is your Private Investigator,
who will try to collect evidence against your employer, so that your rights can be
protected fully through your lawyer.

When you have hired Kevin’s Investigation Services, our main role will be to collect the

evidences to enable you to bring your case against your employer

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Work Injury
In order to put upon a legal binding on your employer, you must sufficiently prove your statements and claims against your employer on
Employment Tribunal or Small Claim Court
in order to claim compensation

Make sure that the solicitors that you select to fight for your case is experienced and expert, so that he can offer you correct advice
regarding the steps that you take.
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