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What is Graphology or Handwriting Analysis?


is the

analysis of handwriting

in order to determine that

person's character

. It takes us into the underworld of the subconscious, to the secrets we keep even from ourselves.

It works because handwriting is body language on the page. It reflects all the character traits of the writer - their dreams, foibles, intelligence.  Everything that makes them who they are.  And it is virtually impossible for anyone to prevent their handwriting from revealing these secrets.
Finding out what someone is really like is impossible if we only look at how they behave or what they say. We have to go deeper to find the truth about them.

Everything we do says something about us. From the way we shake hands, to how we drive a car. But many of our actions are designed to conceal our true nature, to hide what we actually think and feel.

Graphology cannot foretell the future. It simply reveals the true nature of the writer.

Just as there are no two people in the world with the same DNA, there are no two people in the world with the same handwriting. Your handwriting contains the story of yourself, and graphologists are those who can read this story, and interpret it for you. Graphology is the analysis of the brain’s subconscious expression through the medium of handwriting.”

Want To Know Secret About: yourself, your children, your partner, employee, business partner, career selection?  Shape up your career!
Graphology is used for following things:

Understand yourself much better
Want to know yourself or people you care about better? You'll be surprised by the insights you will receive. Graphology helps best to know yourself and to solve your problem: Your handwriting tells you at least 180 hidden traits and unlimited number of effects which you may or may not be aware of.

Child development
By the help of graphology parents can understand their children in a better perspective & will come to know there strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes, Skills way of thinking, health & influence of their parents on him and can mould them to enhance their hidden skills for becoming better loving responsible individuals of tomorrow. Graphology (handwriting analysis) can help you & your child in selecting the right career (E.g. Engineering, Electronic, telecom, Civil, Mechanical, Robotics, Medical, Art, Drama, Music, Etc.) as per the interest, abilities, skills, creativity & expertise of a child. It is also helpful to sharpen his creativity & intellect.

Career Selection
Graphology help best to select career: With the help of handwriting analysis one can select the appropriate career and accordingly can choose the stream of education. Some of those are architects, structural engineering, doctors, teaching, paramedical profession, psychiatrists, counselors, chemists, journalists, dieticians, physiotherapist, sales executive, administration,(internal or field), technical, skilled job, lawyers, precision job…and so many. One can learn graphology and can become a career counselor also.

Selecting Life-Partner

Graphology helps best to choose/know your life partner/friends/judge compatibility

: Making friendship or living together is insufficient to know a person, graphology is the only scientific and accurate method by which a person can know best about the characteristics, habits(good or bad)-tastes, culture, intellect, profession and hidden traits of his/her life partner. Besides self-help, anyone can take this up as a profession.
Selecting Business Partner
It helps you to know if your partner is poor finisher and good starter. What is your partner is big deceiver? What if he can't handle things under pressure? What if he is not going to bear the losses? Selection of the right business partner is as important as selecting the right life partner. Graphology can help you to select the right business partner who is bold, active and can take right decisions at right times by efficient planning and organizing.

Employee Selection / Recruitments

It's the personality that DOES the job. Want to know if your employment or promotion candidate will match the job description? Handwriting analysis helps you "
see performance before hiring
"In selecting a (job) candidate, you should consider two issues only: capability (what the candidate can do) and personality (what the candidate is like). Of these two, personality is by far the more important. Over 87 percent of all people fail not because of capability but because of personality."

Graphology in criminology - investigative technique known as handwriting analysis expertise involving the study of the authenticity of the letter and the identification of the author, or to confirm or exclude a person as a suspect.

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