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Investigation  Services
Investigation  Services
Computer Investigation

Computer investigation

has become a vital part of many investigations.

Computer examinations include e-mail tracing, locating web site / domain ownership, identifying I.P. addresses

, etc.
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Our Services:
Our support for businesses and individuals includes but is not limited to the following:

Recovery of deleted computer files and data

   -  Determination of web sites that have been visited
   -  Determination of what files have been downloaded
   -  Determination of when files were last accessed
   -  Determination of when files were deleted
   -  Discovery of email messages and attachments even if previously deleted

Employee investigations and electronic surveillance

   -  Cracking passwords
   -  Recovering encrypted and/or deleted emails
   -  Removal of viruses and other forms of malware
   -  Data destruction and media wiping

Parental Control:
Kevin’s Investigation Service help
you keep an eye on your kids, tell you what they did when they used the computer
. Have you ever worried about that they may view porn sites when you are not there? Have you ever worried about that they may make friends with dangerous guys? Have you ever cared about what they think of you? Kevin’s Investigation Service will help you solve these parental control problems.

Business Monitoring:
Kevin’s Investigation Service helps you monitor your employees. It is hard to say that everyone will keep on hard working if you are not there. The worst thing is, someone maybe steal your business secrets and sell them to your competitors. You have no idea of who is doing what in their office, you need to monitor your employees' computer. All things they did on the computer will be emailed to you.

Catch A Cheating Spouse:
Kevin’s Investigation Service help you know that whether your spouse is cheating on you. Sometimes you have felt that your lover become apathy to you, but you have not enough evidence to prove that. Sometimes your husband become busier than ever, and he no longer would love to share his spare time with you. That is a dangerous signal. Kevin’s Investigation Service can help you to know the truth.
In all situations, you must have the legal right to give us access to the computing devices we need to examine.

If you do need our computer investigation services, it's important that you act fast. Digital information is fragile, and must be preserved as soon as possible. The longer the computing devices that contain possible evidence are left running, the more likely it is that evidence will be destroyed.

Please contact us with any special needs that you may have. All information is kept in the strictest confidence.

Computer Surveillance
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